About Us

TLOA SERVICING specializes in the purchase and servicing of real property tax receivables. The firm has a team of highly qualified real property tax receivable professionals with experience purchasing and servicing over $1.4 billion in delinquent taxes in over 600 municipalities in over 20 states and has been involved in tax lien acquisition and servicing since 1997. Over the last twenty years, the team has experienced all facets of tax receivable acquisitions, servicing, and collections, including the successful completion of several bulk transactions.


TLOA’s servicing and collection philosophies are based on a desire to actively encourage the payment of taxes and to effect collection of those tax liens. As such we actively encourage payment plans as a way for property owners to avoid falling further behind on their taxes.

TLOA will utilize a proactive posture to the collection of tax liens. However, TLOA personnel, including servicing and collection personnel, will always deal fairly, courteously and professionally with all parties including lien obligors and their attorneys, taxing authorities, mortgage holders, and other parties of interest.


The servicing and collection process has frequent interaction with customers, defined as taxing authorities, property owners, and any party having an interest in properties for which TLOA services a tax lien. As a result, servicing personnel plays the key role in establishing relationships and handling contact with all parties during the life cycle of a tax lien. Servicing personnel are required to display a high degree of professionalism at all times. TLOA’s focus on high standards in servicing and quality control is a direct result of the manager’s extensive experience and track record.

Tax Lien Services

Third Party and Municipal Servicing

TLOA’s servicing team is a highly effective group of experts, with unparalleled knowledge in servicing real property tax receivables, tax deeds and corporate owned real estate. TLOA’s key members have worked for some.

Portfolio Valuation

TLOA's team of experienced tax lien professionals provide portfolio review and valuations services.  Whether you are a lender looking to evaluate a loan, a buyer seeking to purchase a portfolio or an.

Assistance to Local Government

TLOA provides collection and consulting services to local tax collectors and treasurers.  Whether serving in an advisory role or providing collection services, TLOA adheres to all local, state and national collection practices.

Portfolio Liquidation and REO Management

For over 20 years, TLOA's management has managed and disposed of REO properties in almost every tax lien jurisdiction.  Over the past two decades TLOA's management has built an extensive network of.

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